IKGPTU Campus Bhikhiwind is one of the newly planned Campus by IKG Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar. This institution is planned with the vision to spread quality education the region which is vastly covered by border area. IKGPTU Campus Bhikhiwind is committed to the cause of excellence in higher education in the field of Engineering & Technology. In order to meet the urgent need of quality Technocrats in the market, IKG Punjab Technical University decided to establish IKGPTU Campus Bhikhiwind for the benefit of border belt of Punjab.

This Institute is committed for quality education in Engineering technology to aspiring students. School and college graduation rates are particularly distressing for minority students and students from low income households. While college according to most of these students, is a place everyone “Should want to go” many lack the academic background or experience with college- going friends and relatives that might help them acquire the skills necessary for success. Furthermore, the majority of their high schools are not, at this point, designed to prepare them for college to lack of infrastructure and teaching facilities. IKGPTU Campus Bhikhiwind will provide the opportunity to these minorities and lower income group students who otherwise has the talent but cannot afford the expensive education. It will make them familiar with the need of the modern society and teach them the technical advancements in the field of Engineering and Technology.